Cameron Edens is an Oregon native who has called Portland home since 1999. A graduate of Marylhurst University, he still performs as the principal bassist and assistant conductor in their Non-Profit Community Symphony. 

Edens is an active member of Portland’s Chapter of The Piano Technicians Guild. He enjoys taking an active role in preserving Portland's piano technology community and our high standard of workmanship. Cameron has attended both the Randi Potter School of Piano technology (Bend, OR) and apprenticed with Joe Garrett of “G” Piano Works (Gales Creek, OR) in rebuilding, regulation and restoration of Square and Grand Pianos. In addition to his responsibilities as a piano technician Edens keeps himself very busy in the Portland music scene as a multi-instrumentalist. His bands range from Classical symphony, and eclectic world music groups to traditional Americanas and European Jazz. Edens grew up in several notable rural towns in Eastern and Central Oregon. Fascinated with music at a young age he grew to appreciate anything and everything having to do with sound and moved to Portland 20 years ago to pursue that passion. One day while tinkering with an old piano in his college band room, Edens was reprimanded for doing a job professionals actually get paid to do;  thus began Edens' romance with the world of pianos. Having an affinity for endless tinkering combined with and incredible ear for tone, Cameron Edens found a perfect career by becoming a piano technician. His love for music is ever evolving, and remains as passionate as in his youthful country upbringing.